The Novel


Delightfully Different
by D. S. Walker




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MIA LUNG ALREADY SHARES A SPECIAL BOND WITH HER MOTHER even before she is born. As she studies Francesca from heaven, Mia realizes she has found the perfect mother. If only her transition from heaven to earth was as easy.

From the very beginning, Mia lives her life on earth knowing she is different, but not understanding why. With an extensive vocabulary and insight beyond her years, Mia is a beautiful spirit who soon develops extraordinary musical talents. But subtle signs soon emerge. Mia does not like to talk on the phone, walk barefoot on the grass, and cannot go to sleep without first lining up all her stuffed animals on her bed. Just as her family finally realizes that Mia is battling sensory sensitivity issues, she is bullied in fifth grade. After Mia's school counselor causes her to feel like the guilty one, Mia struggles to forgive those who, through their own ignorance, have hurt her.

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